True Stories

Bill’s Story: Grateful for Grandkids

Bill contacted us following a public educational outreach we sponsored that included a concert. While attending, he heard musical group The Kry perform “Let Me Live,” a song in which an unborn baby pleads with his mother to choose life.

Prior to attending the event, Bill considered himself pro-choice and felt that women should be supported in choosing abortion if necessary. After hearing the song, he realized that both of his daughters had given birth while single and that they had been counseled to consider abortion. He broke down in tears as he considered the possibility of not having his grandchildren as part of the family.

Today, Bill is a strong advocate for choosing life and giving women the support they need to make that decision.

Dani’s Story: A Light in the Darkness

Dani came to us for help in the wake of a very recent abortion, emotionally distraught and suicidal. We connected her with a professional counselor in her area who was certified to treat patients for emotional trauma where she received emergency services. Today she is on the road to recovery.

Jackie’s Story: Finding Peace at Last

Jackie, 24, came to a post-abortion recovery group after having had two abortions. In the beginning, she shared that through her secret anguish and shame, she could not tolerate being around infants. After ten weeks of intensive group sessions, Jackie has found peace and recently asked to hold her friend’s newborn baby.

Kevin’s Story: Wanting to Live Again

As a vibrant and active man in his 20s, Kevin was seriously injured in a car accident, leaving him paralyzed. When he learned he would never walk again, he contemplated ending his life. Kevin explained, “As soon as my situation got a little bit better and I learned to live with my disabilities, I wanted to live again.”

When the Hawaii Legislature considered proposals that would have legalized so-called “Death with Dignity,” or assisted suicide, Kevin collaborated with Aloha Life Advocates to testify in support of choosing life through our state laws. In his testimony to the Senate Health Committee, Kevin explained that if Hawaii had had an assisted suicide law at the time immediately following his accident, he would not be alive today. Kevin reminded the panel that an assisted suicide public policy preys on vulnerable people rather than offering them true help and hope. As a supporter of Aloha Life Advocates, Kevin is happy to partner with us in sharing the message that those in times of crisis deserve physical, emotional, and spiritual support and to know that someone cares.

Kim’s Story: Living with New Purpose

Kim, 66, had always led an active life as a wife, mother, realtor, and artist. Through an accident, she became hemiplegic and experienced depression as she struggled to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Eventually, she found renewed hope and began once again to meet each day with a zest for living. She resumed some of her former activities, including painting by holding a brush in her mouth.

When we met with her, Kim asked why God had let this happen to her. We explained that we believed God has a purpose for her life that includes this altered way of living. As part of our discussions, we talked of the fact that some state governments in the United States as well as certain countries have passed laws that would allow disabled members of society to be legally killed by doctor-prescribed death if they did not want to go on living. Kim was deeply offended.

We explained that Hawaii currently had legislation under consideration that would do the same and that she might make a difference by voicing her opinion as a concerned citizen. Kim enthusiastically took up the call and was instrumental in working with Aloha Life Advocates to defeat a deadly assisted suicide bill. Her emotionally charged testimony touched the hearts of many in the room, and many agreed when she stated in her testimony, “We do not need a law that is presented to people when they are vulnerable, sick, and unable to think clearly.” After the defeat of the bill, Kim shared with us that she was immensely grateful to take part in an important effort to protect the lives of people just like her.

Laura’s Story: Turning a Corner

Laura, 22, contacted us in a very emotionally distraught state due to an unplanned pregnancy. She was threatening to end her life or the life of her unborn child. We spent considerable time talking her through this crisis, and Laura and her unborn baby made it through the night. Laura received referrals to a healthcare provider, counseling center, and other resources.

In the following days, Laura continued to keep in touch with us and let us walk with her through almost seven months of intense counseling that culminated in the birth of her baby boy, Joel. Laura has since turned a corner and, with her husband, later brought another baby boy into the world. She is immensely grateful for the love and compassionate support she received in a very difficult, traumatic time of need.

Mandie’s Story: From Tribulation to Triumph

Mandie, 25, had undergone two abortions and was a new mother to baby Ryan. Shortly after Ryan’s birth, she became pregnant again. Mandie’s mother threatened to kick her out of their home if she carried her pregnancy to term, so she had scheduled her third abortion. Mandie met with us to discuss her options and ultimately chose life for her unborn child. Today, Mandie is taking full responsibility as a single mother of two with help from her own mother. Mandie credits God’s grace and mercy for protecting her from even more anguish and pain that would have resulted from another abortion decision.

Mele’s Story: Help in Time of Need

Mele is a single teen who was considering abortion. We provided Mele with compassionate, confidential counsel and referred her to local resources, giving her the assistance she needed in her time of personal crisis. As a result, she chose life for her unborn son. Today, Mele is the proud mother of baby Kainoa. Mother and baby are doing well, and Mele is very grateful she was supported in making the choice for life.

Roger’s Story: Teaching Teens to Make Wise Choices

Roger is a high school teacher of many years. It came to his attention that three young women in just one of his classes had become unexpectedly pregnant and had subsequently chosen abortion. The change in the students’ behavior and demeanor was startling, and it appeared that they were suffering in the aftermath of their abortion choices. Determined to offer students information about how to avoid this trauma, Roger contacted us to make presentations in his health classes about making wise choices, respecting ourselves and others, and living for a bright future.

Students were given information about sexually transmitted infection and where to obtain testing and treatment. Group discussions helped students think about how to make choices for themselves to avoid STDs and pregnancy, and students were given information about free resources in the community offering help to women and their partners facing unplanned pregnancy.

We also shared with students about the amazing process of pre-natal human development and factual information about choosing adoption, abortion, pregnancy, and parenting. Using a “talk story” format, students dialogued about the various choices and how they might impact their future plans.

Students’ responses to these educational presentations has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sierra’s Story: Anger to Advocacy

Sierra, 18, had an abortion at age 16. Angry, bitter, and rebellious, she was invited to the “March for Life” rally co-sponsored by Aloha Life Advocates. Although she strongly resisted at first, she eventually found her way there. While attending, Sierra met a counselor from a local pregnancy resource center that had a display at the event. A few weeks later, Sierra visited the center and signed up for an intensive abortion recovery Bible study and support group. She finished the course and has found forgiveness and healing. Today, Sierra is an advocate for women facing unplanned pregnancy and their unborn children.

Teresa’s Story: From Uncertainty to Understanding

Teresa is a graduate student attending classes at the University of Hawaii. As part of her degree requirement, she enrolled in a law class and decided to write a lengthy paper concerning abortion law in Hawaii. Unsure of how to begin, Teresa contacted us. We provided her with extensive information and referrals to attorneys to interview as she conducted the research for her paper. Teresa successfully completed her project and is grateful that she has a better understanding of Hawaii’s laws concerning abortion.

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