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Hawaii’s culture values life in many respects, however, our people have not codified their values into law, with the practical effect that the most vulnerable members of our society are left defenseless. Life advocacy organization Americans United for Life ranks Hawaii 48th among the 50 states in its “Defending Life 2011 State Rankings”—meaning that our state has failed to protect life in the most basic ways.

Hawaii lacks the most fundamental protections for women, unborn children, the elderly, terminally ill, and the disabled. Our state laws fail to provide informed consent for women considering abortion and do not require parental involvement in a minor girl’s abortion decision. They do not ensure that abortion clinics maintain minimum health and safety standards. Hawaii state law also fails to ban destructive embryo research, human cloning, and assisted suicide. Much work is needed to change this situation, but by joining our efforts, it can be done. Regardless of the law, we will continue working to educate our community about the incomparable worth of each person at all stages of life.

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